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Mechanical seal

Since 1945 manufacture all types of standard or specific mechanical seal in various material such as rubber bellow, cartridge and customize mechanical seal. We were given the certification of and always provide improvement in quality and reliability of our product and advanced machine in our production technique, quality control, seal testing in our modern laboratory.

Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

- Robust single seal
- Unbalanced
- Bi directional
- Shaft protecting
- Easy mounting

The bellow is not subject to any torsional stress and its ingenious design incorporates several functions.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals

- Pre assembled units
- Balanced
- Independent of rotation
- Springs inside stationary
- Spring product protected

The cartridge seal, single o double, can be utilized for many application without any modification of the pump or of the equipment. The possibility to change the single component, independently of each other, makes this mechanical seal very appreciated and of easy application. Flanges according to ANSI - API - IP - DIN - ISO - JIS - can be accepted.

Our own rubber production (certified qualities)